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TITLE; Feeling da stress
06 March 2013 | 1:15 AM | 0 comments
Urghh its quite been a torture week. I don't know why suddenly I think I'm become more weak. Math is hard, Account is suck. And sem 2 its going to be over. I can't possibly doing account. urghh, i'm so scared. 2nd, I can feeling da most stress in da house. I dont know why lately my mental became unstable. I keep looking down. Should I cry? No i shouldn't, because I have my B. When the hell on earth I feel so sad if friends don't want to talk to me, since when? oh ya, since I live with them. I feel so damn doomed. Luckily I have my boifee. he always give me a good response. I love him so much, without him I will loose my strength. he suuport me and give me an advice all the time. and 3rd, the pressure is getting really high when I haven't finish edited my auntie (cik atie) wedding album. I'm so sad, feeling like wanna cry in my Bie shoulder. I'm so sad. My mind is being tortured. My lil bro is in his school (asrama). And I am the one who must do all the work. Come on la, I've been paid less than my lil bro got. But I have to do all the job? I buy the album, I printed the picture, I edited the picture, I DIY the album. Eventually my lil bro can't help me cause he is in his school. Damn, i'm feeling so fucked up. I try to settle all this by end of this week cause my aunt post something on my fb wall. Hurmm I was like, come on, I do all the thing. Then she ask like dat, damn. Why wouldnt you ask to my lil bro. Does he do the job? Grrrr, on the wedding day pon I'm the one who took a lot of pic. Not him basically. Grrr. This week is really tough. I just need my Bie to calm me down.

By, thank you so much. I love youu so fucking damn much !

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